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Dryer Repair

Is your dryer not heating? Does it make a loud noise? Let our Tustin dryer repair techs check the problem. We provide troubleshooting as soon as possible and are equipped with the most innovative diagnostic tools. This ensures clear diagnosis right from the start and hence accurate service. We can fix any dryer brand and most of their models. Whether you have a gas or electric dryer, leave its service to our techs at Appliance Repair Tustin. With expertise in all services related to dryers, our techs can install, repair, and maintain your dryer to your satisfaction.Dryer Repair Tustin

Which are the most common dryer problems?

  • The dryer won’t start
  • The appliance’s drum won’t turn
  • The cycle lasts long
  • There is a loud noise
  • Clothes are not dried
  • The dryer is hot

Call now for dryer repair in Tustin

What we first do is troubleshoot and then carry on with the required dryer repair based on our findings. In most of the cases, our techs have to replace parts. When the dryer doesn’t dry clothes well or the cycle takes long, it’s often a problem with the coils, blower wheel, or vents. It depends on whether the dryer is electric or gas. But when the appliance’s tubes are clogged with lint or other tiny articles, there is no good air circulation. Our techs keep stocked replacement parts in their trucks and can fix all dryers, including comb units. So call us if you want one of the following services in Tustin, California:

  • Washer and dryer repair
  • Dryer problems troubleshooting
  • Same day diagnosis
  • Maintenance service
  • Dryer service& parts replacement

We cover all dryer service needs

When you are faced with sudden issues, our techs respond quickly and cover all dryer repair Tustin needs as fast as possible. But you can also count on our team when you want to service your dryer routinely to rule out any future problem or accident. Just by removing lint and any other item, which might clog the appliance, our techs ensure the safety of the dryer.

Get in touch with us if you want the best dryer installation techs too. We can install any dryer found on the market and focus on their specs to ensure the job is completed by the book. We do any service accurately to keep your dryer running and respond in a timely manner. Contact us for any dryer related concern.

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